The greatest compliment we could receive from a client is the recommendation of our company to a friend or colleague. In many instances it is not until months after a property owner signs a contract with us do we come to find out they approached JDK based upon the recommendation of a current client. We greatly value the recommendation of our company and wish to show our appreciation for doing so.

If a new client joins our firm based upon a recommendation or referral from you we will gladly waive our management fee for 1 month on your property. To the property owner you refer to us, we would also like to offer them a unique benefit as well. For the new client joining our company we will waive their initial leasing fee.

As a company we are always perusing growth, however it is our current clients whom have allowed our company to achieve the success of being the premier local property management company. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.