In managing our client’s rental homes we have two primary objectives, property preservation and maximizing profitability through rental income. Whether you find yourself as the owner of multiple homes or are a seasoned real estate investor of single-family dwellings, rental property can be a reliable source of income and great compliment to an investment portfolio.

The single greatest concern of most homeowners is the fears of letting an unknown person live in your home. While property preservation entails proper home maintenance, it begins with the selection of a quality tenant. A pillar of quality property management is diligent and thorough tenant qualification. Before any tenant is approved to rent one of our properties they must pass a stringent qualification process, including credit and criminal background history checks. Once placed, we follow up with home inspections every 6 months.

Our extensive market knowledge lets us push aggressive rent targets, with annual rent re-evaluations and rental market analyses completed before a property is re-rented. We work closely with vendors in over a dozen maintenance service categories and leverage the maintenance work from our entire real estate portfolio to the financial benefit of each of our homeowners by obtaining the best possible rates from our quality service providers. Important to note is that we do not put any additional mark up on maintenance work. Costs for coordinating maintenance work needed on your home are inclusive of our management fee.

There is zero cost to begin contracting the property management services of JDK. Only after we have signed a lease and collected the deposit and first month’s rent from a qualified applicant does our management fee begin to be incurred. We do not charge fees for: account set-up, vacancy periods, initiating court action, or maintenance mark-up. Our fee is based on a nominal percentage of actual rents collected.